Friday, December 19, 2014

Conversations with Three-Year Olds

This week, when I decided to roll up my sleeves and clean the oven (for the first time since we've lived here.... um, in the last almost-three years), there was immediately a spark, smoke, and the boys ran screaming from the room where Grey yelled, "This is why Moms should never clean ovens!" When I said, "Oh, calm down. I can fix this." He yelled, "No! Call my dad right now!"
And when I did finally pick up the phone, he said, "Who are you calling? Dad? Wendell? They can use their tools to fix the oven!"
(Wendell is our property manager. We apparently know him well.)

A friend came over and after her baby had a particularly stinky diaper, the diaper was set outside to be taken to the trash. It was forgotten. The next day when we came home, Micah saw it sitting on the step and yelled, "Oh! We got a diaper package!"

Micah: I don't want you to go to jail, Mom. You are the good girl in the whole wide world.

Grey: Eli is fat like Santa!

Santa: Why, hello! What's your name?
Micah: I'm Micah David Pitcher. I'm three. A real bow and arrow.

Grey: Hey James, I have an idea. Maybe you should go to your own house to be crazy.

Micah: I don't want to poop, but there's a big poop in me and it's trying to get out.

Micah: August is an alien and a half.

Travis: these people are bad parkers.
Grey: You mean, they are blockheads?

Micah: Wendell, you are pretty big- but not big like my dad. He's really big.
Grey: but not big like a giant.
Micah: He IS big like a giant.

Micah: I want to throw away our Christmas tree!
Me: Well, we are going to keep it until Christmas, but then we will get rid of it.
Micah: NO! Then we can't have family night!

Micah: Our Christmas tree smells cutie!

Grey: Hey! Want to hear the longest-ever song I ever singed? Bum, bum, bum! Here I go!

Micah: Uh oh! It's late o'clock!

Grey: Neener Neener, Cutie-pootie.
Ha! Pootie is a good name for babies.

Grey: Mom, you are so pretty all the time.
Micah: I'm not your mom.
Grey: I know. I wasn't talking to you. I was talking to her, over there on the red couch.

Grey: It would be really sad if our house was on fire.
Elanor: And all our toys burned up!
Micah: And we had to live outside!
Grey: With no food and no water!
Micah: We would starve!
Grey: We would die!
Micah: and THAT is why we need to be very careful lighting candles in the house.

Micah: Quick, Grey! Catch Grandma Polly before she floats away into space!
Grey: I got her, but I can't pull her back! She's too fat!
Me: Hey, did you just say that your grandma is fat?
Grey: Yes, but don't worry. Not fat like Santa!

Me: What should we eat for dinner?
Micah: Let's go to a cake restaurant!

Micah: What are you making?
Me: Soup!
Micah: Oh great, because I LOVE soup! Does it have carrots in it?
Me: Nope, those are sweet potatoes.
Grey: Ugh! Bad choice! Haha, just kidding. That sounds okay.

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Thursday, December 18, 2014

Some Happenings

I'm really sorry. I obviously can't be trusted to post during "the holiday season."
We've had days jam-packed with friends and family, and when we're not at the science museum or playing with my in-laws, I'm making ice cream and watching Christmas movies, or secretly wrapping presents behind closed doors.
Don't worry. The blog isn't the only thing being neglected around here.
The bathroom needs to be cleaned, laundry needs to be folded, and there's a whole lot of dried grass and crumbs just begging to be vacuumed up off the bedroom floors.
Plus, I have a little boy who wants to nap for four hours a day (very convenient!) and two big boys that want me to fill all that time with "school" (which is code for "special crafts and projects.")
Don't they know about Christmas vacations?

Anywho. Here are some pictures of what my kids look like, and I promise to post tomorrow too! Twice a week ain't too shabby, right?

I really like them.

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Friday, December 12, 2014

From the Hands of Babes

Children are so in-tune with the world and are so often profound and sweet in unexpected ways.

I made these Nativity puppets a few years ago, based on ones my mom made for us when I was a kid.  (see the original blogpost {here})
I love them more than all the other beautiful, old, handmade, expensive, or sentimental Christmas decorations in our home. Because with these puppets, every day, my children tell me the story of Christmas over and over again. They are quick to claim the most desirable puppets of Mary and Joseph, followed by the Kings, Angels, and then the animals and shepherd.
They often ask me to narrate the story while they act it out and they add the sweetest dialogue:
"Mary, you are going to grow baby Jesus in your belly," says the angel.
"There's no beds left at this hotel!" says the inn-keeper.
"Hello Baby Jesus, I love you," says the shepherd.
"There's a new star, I want to follow it!" says the wise man.

The story of Christ is the greatest story ever told, and I am especially fond of this chapter- the tale of his birth.
If you haven't seen this lovely video yet, watch it! It was a nativity program from a few weeks ago, featuring lots of Christian YouTubers and musicians. It's lovely. It probably made me cry.

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Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Christmas Spirit

Whether you are having any trouble getting into "The Christmas Spirit," or if you're already full-throttle Jingle-belling and Hallelujahing - these videos are for you.
Last night for family night, we watched these two sweet Christmas movies on YouTube and I would encourage everyone reading to spend ten minutes today and do the same.

The first is the story of The Nativity. It's the best version I've ever seen portrayed on film.

The second is a good reminder for all of us that Christmas isn't about the parties, the trees, the turkey, or even the gifts. (Maybe Christmas perhaps, means a little bit more.)
It's about the Savior. And as many times as we try to tell ourselves that, it's still easy to forget.

And I'm off Facebook, as your probably know. So if there are any awesome Christmas videos that are trendy right now, leave them in the comments. I can always do with an uplift. :)

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Monday, December 8, 2014

Photo a Day: November 31- Dec 6

It's the holiday season! For some reason, unlike most years, I've had kind of a hard time feeling like it's actually Christmas-time. In fact, most years I'm listening to carols by mid-October at least, and by the time Halloween rolls around I'm just ready for Santa Clause already! I can't wait another two months! But this month, it doesn't feel like Christmas. I hate it. I want my home to be glittery, Christmasy, and to wait anxiously every day to do our Advent with the boys. 
But most days I forget all together. I honestly think it's this weather. I haven't seen one measly snowflake yet this year. Not one! I love snow so much, and nothing says Christmas like snow. Instead, we've been playing outside in gorgeous, sunny, springtimesque weather without coats or hats and I hate it. Who hates warm weather? you may ask. 
I DO. I find it distasteful in November and I abhor it in December. Snow already! 
In fact... this is how I feel:

Until the snow, I guess I'll just have to try to keep myself in the holiday spirit by watching black and white Christmas movies and weeping, so that my children are constantly asking, "Why are you feeling sad right now?"
And I can continue to blubber, "I'm not crying because I'm sad, I'm crying because this is so beautiful and everyone is so happy and I love Christmas!"
And in case you're wondering, this also occurs during all Christmas books. Polar Express. The Christmas Story. Even How the Grinch Stole Christmas. 

Speaking of Calvin and Hobbes... this boy. He's Calvin. 

 We got a Christmas tree this week! Its little and real, and I love it. I don't even mind that I have to decorate it entirely by myself.

There are lots of Christmas books wrapped under the tree, so that the boys can periodically choose one to unwrap. It helps keep them from breaking into the pile of Amazon packages in my room. 

Travis' sweet sister Tessa returned home from a year and a half long church mission in Georgia this week. We've all missed her, but I think her Mom missed her the most. :)
To find out more about what Tessa was teachin' and preachin' visit or {click here} to request your own Book of Mormon and meet some cute missionaries.

Santa came to our church Christmas party this week, and he was not a very impressive Santa! I was totally disappointed and was sure that the boys would be suspicious of his obviously false beard and belly. But they weren't at all! In fact, this was the first time that they haven't cried at the idea of sitting on Santa's lap. They climbed right up and told him that they wanted real bows and arrows with real arrows to shoot. And also, Micah wants an iPhone. 

An impromptu family picture at the German Christmas Market on Saturday. I love my cute little family, even if Travis is the only one capable of obdeiently looking at the camera.

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Friday, December 5, 2014

Conversations with Three-Year Olds

A couple weeks ago, Grey and I built a little Lincoln Log house, which he promptly filled up with "people" (they were just little Logs), including our family, all of our neighbors' family, and several friends.
"They're all in the bathroom, going to the bathroom," he told me. "This whole house is one bathroom and they are all peeing together."
"Why?" I asked. "Maybe part of it is a bathroom, but theres a kitchen they can cook in and a living room to read in."
"No," he sighed. "I wish it was a kitchen and living room. But it's all one bathroom."

Micah has also been telling people, including lots of strangers, "Hey. My mom growed me."

While I piped a hundred little meringues, Micah said "Mom, you're doing a great job. You're the best at making these cookies of everyone on the whole  map."
And while I sewed, Grey told me, "Mom, you're a real good maker and bread baker."
They're very complimentary.

Micah: This is Gandalf from Lord of the Rings.
Grey: Is it Gandalf the Grey or Gandalf the White?

Micah: Hazel, Jesus loves you, and he really loves it when you come to my house everyday.

Grey: Mom, I can babysit August. I'm a really good babysitter.

Micah: Dad, what will you be for Halloween?
Travis: Nothing, just Dad man.
Micah: But if you don't wear a costume, they won't NEVER give you CANDY!

Grey: I want candy for breakfast.
Me: Sorry. Nope.
Grey: You're dumb!
Me: Excuse me?
Grey: Um.
Me: You better rethink that sentence and try again, or you're headed back to bed.
Grey: Fine. You're pretty... And... Ugh. You're Nice.

Lady: What handsome young men!
Micah: I'm not a man. I'm a boy. My dad is a man. He's over there.

Grey: ...the Batmobile lost his wheel and the Joker took ballet!
Micah: No. He went to jail.
Grey: The joker got away!
Micah: He got away to jail.
Grey: No. He got away.
Micah: HE GOT AWAY TO JAIL. He always goes to jail! Batman would never let him go free!

Micah: I want to be alone at my home and set booby traps for bad guys. I want to be...
Travis: Home Alone?
Micah: Well, I don't want to be Home Alone the movie, I just want to be a home alone person.

Grey: Why did Grandpa Jim die?
Me: Well, he was very old, and his heart had been working and beating for soooo long and it was getting tired. So his heart just couldn't keep beating, it slowed down and took a break- and when that happens, your body dies.
Micah: But Jesus will make grandpa a new belly.
Me: Um, well Jesus will make Grandpa a new strong body, that's true.
Micah: I have a strong belly.
Me: Okay, yeah. Your body is strong and young and healthy. You're very lucky to have such a good body.
Micah: Grandpa Jim wishes his body was good like this.

**Micah combs his hair**
Micah: Ah, when she sees me, my grandma Marcie will think I'm so handsome! She will say, "You look handsome, Micah!" And I will say, "Thank you. I combed my hair."

Grey: Mom, I just cleaned up because I love you.
Micah: I love you, too, but I didn't help clean up.

Lady (to Micah): Are you twins?
Micah: Yes!
Lady: How old are you?
Micah: Three and a half!
Lady: Oh, then I bet I know how old your brother is!
Micah: Ask him.
Lady (to Grey): How old are you?
Grey: Six and a half.

Micah: I want to stand up here.
Me: No, that's not safe. I don't want you to fall into that gorge and die.
Micah: Ah yes. Grandpa Jim fell in there.

Man: How old is your baby brother?
Grey: 8 over 16.

Me: Please don't hit my baby!
Micah: This is my baby!
Me: No, he's not.
Micah: August is all our baby! He's our family baby!

Grey: You are getting close to that car. That means you are not being a careful driver.

Micah: Heavenly Father, please bless my mom. She's such a good mom. And please bless Grey, he's the very nicest boy. And please bless August, he's the best baby in the world. In the name of all the Jesus Christ- Amen.

Grey: Wow! That's Max's dad? He's SO handsome!

Grey: And whose handsome face is this? It's Grandpa Chris!

Grey: Mom, I need your help getting more milk because you are the prettiest and most special mom ever.
(King of manipulation, this one.)

Me: You guys were great helpers today, thank you.
Micah: Yeah, I was AWESOME!
Grey: I was pretty good I guess.

**At Alice Lane (an interior design store)**
Grey: Wow, it is so beautiful here. Everything is beautiful. I love it here. I love everything in the whole world here.

**In the Food Court at the mall**
Grey: Wow, Mom! It's smells AMAZING in here!

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Wednesday, December 3, 2014

The Little People That Live With Me

(Once I started capitalizing words in that title, I just couldn't stop.)
It's been a long time since I've shared any videos with you.
And by that I mean, like two years! So here are two cute videos of my kids from recently.
The first is so short, but freaking INSANE.
Okay, maybe not skydiving out of an airplane with a cello insane, but my 7 month old thinks he's a big kid and I am in serious trouble because he knows how to get what he wants insane.
That's a long, specific type of insanity for a movie.

The second video is a bit longer, but my favorite.
I took it a few weeks ago when the boys and I went to the park with their bestie, Elanor. I began by taking a video of August because he's so blasted cute: and then my other kids were pretty blasted cute, too.

If you start the video, they'll just play one after another. And if you forget to exit out- it will just stream through all of my home movies. You're welcome.

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Tuesday, December 2, 2014

7 Months

This little brother turned 7 months old a few days before Thanksgiving, and since I was on an apparent blog-hiatus, nothing was ever posted.
But now, you shall have it.

Seven months old, and August is just right. He's not quite as perfect as he once was, but he's gaining in spunk and personality, and he still rarely cries or fusses- but spends the majority of his time laughing. He's been a bit of a stinker lately, especially when you lie him down to sleep at nap time. You don't even have to lie him down in his bed and leave before he starts freaking out. He just needs to see that you are walking towards the bed and he'll start to scream, and then if you stop or turn around, he'll start laughing in semi-hysteric relief.
It's very cute and annoying.

I think that Travis is partly to blame because Travis always rocks him to sleep instead of letting him put himself to sleep. (Even though August was usually happy to put himself to sleep.) But August also has a pretty good excuse, because today he got his first tooth! I guess being a bit whiney is understandable.
And August's glad to have that tooth, because he LOVES food. He would rather have food than breastmilk, and he would rather have food that he gets to chew than just applesauce or pureed anything. So he eats lots of bread crusts, squash, sausage, orange and apple slices, and he was especially excited by the creamed corn at Thanksgiving.

August STILL doesn't roll over, but he can pull himself up to standing, and get on to his hands and knees and rock back and forth. It was really nice being in my grandparent's house because they had carpet, and in the week that we were there August made serious crawling headway. Now we're home and he's back on wood floors, and he is constantly getting frustrated and jammed under furniture as he can only successfully slip backwards.

August also has started snorting in delight constantly.  He gets so excited that he pants and snorts like a bulldog puppy. But he does it all the time. Everywhere we go, he snorts and grins around so that people pass us and stop to point and smile because they just can't help it. He's so nice. 

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Monday, December 1, 2014

Photo a Day: November 16 -29

I'm sorry guys. I didn't mean to completely abandon this blog for an entire week. It just sort of happened, and it was lovely. We went to Arizona to be with my family for Thanksgiving (my sister and grandparents live there), and we went for an entire dreamy, sunshiney week! Honestly, these pictures are not in actual order by date. I'm not even sure when most of them were taken. It's been that kind of week... er, fortnight? (Month?)
Anyway, just as it was lovely to be with family, it is lovely to be home. We all slept in our own snuggly beds last night, and we are headed out tonight for our Christmas tree. So yeah. Things are looking good around here. 

Suddenly it's cold out! // Micah is excavating bones at the dinosaur museum.

Frozen blueberries for the win! // Just exploring on our way down south.

 We were in Arizona approximately one minute before everyone had their feet in the pool.

 Making chocolate cake with Grandma.

So, my cousin Kyle has motorcycles and dirt bikes... like, a lot. They were the favorite toy, obviously.

 My cousin Kyle and my sister Katie took a ride on this extremely noisy Harley.

August and his Great-Grandpa. It's almost impossible to get a picture of August where he doesn't look like this. // Micah + static.

Look who thinks he can crawl!

This is the only picture we managed to snap on Thanksgiving. We were really much too excited to dig right in.

Grey // Mama and boy.

Checking out the Grand Canyon on our way home.

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Friday, November 21, 2014

Conversations with Three-Year Olds

These pictures are not from this week. They are from about a year ago. It's amazing how little they've changed. And how MUCH they've changed. 
Micah: This is my magic ring!
Grey: That ring isn't magic! The Lord of Ring is a magic ring!

Grey: Batman doesn't have teeth! Does he mom?
Me: I think he does. If he didn't have teeth, how would he smile?
Micah: He never smiles. He just stays angry.

Micah: What is this?
Me: Cabbage.
Micah: You want me to eat GARBAGE?!

Me: Please get back in your room, Grey.
Grey: No! I am not! G-R-E-Y is not my name. I am not G-R-E-Y anymore. It is not my name!

Me: What do you want for lunch?
Micah: Nothing.
Me: Oh no! If you don't eat lunch you'll starve!
Grey: And when Micah is dead, I won't play with him anymore.

Travis: Oh, I like the shirts you're wearing, don't put those stupid sweaters on.
Grey: I have to wear this stupid sweater, because I love it so much.

Grey: I pooped bubbles out!

Grey: I am not scared of this movie.
Me: Well good. Because it's not scary.
Grey: Except, it is a LITTLE scary.
Me: Nope. It's just about Santa and a little girl.
Grey: and a monster?
Me: No.
Grey: Except the monster that eats Santa?

**Watching August take a bath**
Grey: Can we baptize him now?

Micah: I can hear my brain moving in there.

Grey: Here is some tea for you, Darling Mother.
Me: Thank you.
Micah: Hey. She is your mother, Grey- but I thought I was your darling!

Me: That's weird.
Grey: Weird is a naughty word?
Me: No. It's just a word that means strange or uncommon.
Grey: Oh, yeah. Like Pirate Booty.

Me: Can you please give me some privacy?
Micah: but Mom, privacy is being alone!
Me: I know.
Micah: But you don't want to be alone.
Me: I do want to be alone.
Micah: Well, I don't!

Me: Come here, please!
Micah: I can't walk! I can only stand here and cry.

Micah: Two boys together can never be alone, only one boy can be alone.

Micah: If you hit me, I will cry. If you do not hit me, I do not cry. So do not hit me and I won't cry.

Micah: If you eat green bananas, you'll turn into THE GREEN GOBLIN!

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