Friday, October 31, 2014

From the Batcave...

From three tiny Batmans, all in vastly different costumes in various stages of hand-crafted-ness, Happy Halloween. I hope the Great Pumpkin visits your pumpkin patch (if you are sincere enough, obviously). I hope you get homemade donuts and cider, and don't have to mindless eat 1 million Laffy Taffys. I hope that you have fun, spooky experiences (like seeing a witch with a black cat fly past the moon) instead of creepy experiences (like finding spiders in your hair or being molested by a clown). 
I'm sorry about that clown joke.
In case you have a three year old, we actually have another entire Batman costume, and only one of these three costumes is going to be used tonight. So. We gotcha covered. 
And in case you live in Salt Lake and are my friend, or know where I live... I got those homemade donuts here for you. 

Please note: The baby does not like the creepy Batman mask.

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Thursday, October 30, 2014

Stich Fix #1

What's that I see? A horse-drawn vehicle of some kind? Full of musicians? I love it! I want to climb aboard!"
Please ignore the above musings on the phrase "Jumping on the bandwagon," and likewise please excuse me for totally copying everyone. Because I love bandwagons!

So I ordered a StitchFix.

For those of you who are blissfully unaware of said bandwagon: StitchFix is a company that will send you a box of hand-picked items, which you can try on and keep or send back.
You fill out style-profiles, link your StitchFix to your pinterest boards, and then get a super fun present on your doorstep.
At first, I thought, "What a waste of money. I can go to the store and find my own clothes, and probably pay less for them."
And so for months, I put off getting a box, even though I kind of wanted to.
But I changed my tune. Here are some of my reasons:
1. I never have anything to wear. So I pick up a couple t-shirts the next time I'm at Target, but I already actually have a lot of tshirts. And tshirts are cheap, so I don't feel bad buying them, but sometimes I just want something besides tshirts. The tshirt circle is the reason I already feel like I don't have any clothes.
2. Sometimes, I am even willing to haul all my children to the Gap to look for clothes.
But then, guess what. I am at the Gap with three small children. It is extremely difficult to try on clothes in a four foot fitting room with three children.
3. Even if I do manage to find clothes and try them on while being tugged on my children, I don't exactly have time to comb the racks for something I really love, and I'm certainly not going into a second store. So I grab what I like, and head out the door - even if I don't love it.

But this way, I can have clothes mailed to me. I can wear them around my house while my kids are sleeping, and pair them with other clothes that I already own to see if I love them.
And if I do love them, the fact that they're not on sale is suddenly worth it.
So. I did StitchFix. Five hand-picked items, just for me. And then I made my husband take awkward photos of me in our front yard. Please overlook the fact that I look goofy, am blurry, or am accidentally scowling in half of these photos. It's harder than you'd think to get good selfies with a real camera. I tried really hard to style these clothes the way I would probably end up wearing them if I kept them. So here you go. Becky in StitchFix.

41Hawthorn Filbert 3/4 Sleeve Popover Blouse

I actually loved this shirt and everything about it, except the price tag. It was $58! Even despite that, I really, really had to talk myself out of this shirt, and could only do it because I was already getting two other items. This shirt was perfect for running around or dressing up and I really need more versatile blouses like it. So sadly, it was sent back. 

41Hawthorn Abrianna Lightweight Knit Cardigan

I didn't love this sweater, even though I'm usually all about cardigans. But
1. It was too bright and springy- but we're headed into fall.
2. It was really, really thin and my clothes are often thrown-up on smeared with food by children, and this didn't seem like it could stand up to lots of washing.
I did really like the shape of it, though, and would like a similar cardigan in the future out of a heavier, more wintery fabric. Sent Back.

Just Black Adorra Skinny Jean

These are the best fitting jeans I've ever tried on. Add that to the fact that they're unbelievably comfortable, and I was pretty set on them staying home with me. I love that they are dark-washed and not distressed or bleached (I don't like distressed denim! It stresses me out and confuses me.) I know that both of the above pictures are kind of silly, but I wanted you to be able to see their shape! The jeans were really long (because I requested long jeans). but they even looked flattering cuffed, so I decided to keep them.

Skies are Blue Braeden Lattice Detail Blouse

I really loved the color of this blouse, but it wasn't as flattering as the first blouse. It was really boxy and loose. While some shirts are nice loose-fitted, this shirt was kind of stiff, so it didn't work for me. Plus, it had little "lattice" eyeholes in the decoration, which meant that I had to wear a tank top under it. I know that's lazy of me, but man. I hate wearing tank tops under clothes. Sent back.

Gilli Jiro 3/4 Sleeve Mini Stripe Faux Wrap Dress

I recently made a deal with myself, that if I found a dress that I could wear without a cardigan or leggings (while still modest enough to wear to church!), and which I loved- that I would buy it. I love this dress. I haven't been able to wear most of my dresses since August was born, but this is a dress I can nurse in. It's really flattering to my figure, lightweight, nicely draped, and in muted colors! I love dresses in grey, brown, and black- because then I can go crazy with cardigans and tights (okay. Not crazy), so the moment I unpacked my box- and this was lying on top, I knew it would be staying home with me unless it fit me weird or was insanely expensive.
Since neither was true, this baby stayed with me.

So. I loved getting a StitchFix box, and want to do it again! It's really fun and nice to be able to treat yourself to something that you love, but it will probably be a while before I do it again. Maybe if I have an event or something I might order a box with specifications to fill it all with something in particular.
And if you're thinking of getting a box, it would be awesome if you signed up by clicking {here} because if you go through me, I'm pretty sure I get money or credit or something. Yes. I am shamelessly asking you for free clothes. I mean, if you're going to order a box anyway.

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Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Boys and Girls

Warning: This post has BODY PART NAMES in it and OPINIONS.
Yep. Pretty explicit.

Grey and Micah are obsessed with the differences in bodies. They're interested in hair color, eye color (interestingly enough, they've never asked me a question about someone's different skin color), they're interested in how tall or fat people are.
But the biggest and most interesting differences to them, are the differences between men and women. Everyone warns that boys are MUCH more interested in talking about body parts (ie penises) than girls, and at our house- that has definitely been the case.

Because they are interested (and probably will be for the rest of their lives) in the differences between men and women, we want to always be really honest, clear, and open with them.
We try really hard to teach the boys to use the proper names for body parts, because we don't want them to feel uncomfortable about their bodies or lack the words to communicate.
But that means that my highly loquacious children sometimes use words like "vagina" or "breasts" in somewhat embarrassing situations.

Recently, a friend was nursing her twins at my house.
My kids, who are totally used to seeing one baby nurse, but not two (somewhat ironically) watched interestedly for a moment. Then Micah turned to me and said, "Mom, she has a crazy bra on." And Grey said matter-of-factly, "Hmm. You have little breasts."
I was a little embarrassed, but mostly I was proud that nursing and breasts were no big deal at my house.

A few months ago, when Micah asked why I didn't have a penis, he learned the word vagina.
Since then, he has occasionally asked, "You have a vagina and no penis?"
But lately, he has started requesting, "Mom, I want to see your vagina."
No is always the answer.
After he realized that I would not show him my vagina, he started trying to surprise me into showing him.
He regularly bursts into the bathroom while I am in there and shouts, "SHOW ME YOUR VAGINA," or "LET ME SEE YOUR PEE COME OUT."

No, man. NO.

So we talk about privacy and try to explain why we don't show each other our genitals.
And sometimes I get frustrated, and regret teaching them the word vagina. Sometimes they ask, "Why do you have a vagina and no penis?" And I just snap, "Because! I do! For once in your life, leave me alone while I pee!"

But recently, Grey asked me (unprompted), "Mom, why do you have a vagina?"
I kind of rolled my eyes, and said "Because, Grey. Heavenly Father made my body. He gave me a vagina because I am a girl."
And I am so grateful that those were my words, because we continued to have one of our longest and best conversations to date.
It started out like this:

Grey: Why are you made a girl?
Me: So that I could grow up and be your mommy.
Grey: Hmm. Heavenly Father made my body?
Me: Yep! He made you a boy, so you can do all the fun things that boys can do, and when you grow up, you can be a daddy- just like your daddy.
Grey: Tell me about Elanor is a girl.
Me: Heavenly Father made Elanor a little girl, with a special girl-body, and when she grows up she can be a mommy, too.
Grey: She can be one of my Mommies?
Me: Nope, you already have a mom and it's me.
Grey: No. I mean... She could be my wife?

I mean.
And it just got sweeter.
Grey asked about every member of our family and many friends, "Tell about August is a boy," and "Tell me about Heavenly Father made Daddy."

And I just repeated the same things.
"Heavenly Father gave August a tiny little boy body, and he will grow up into a big boy like you and then a man like your Daddy. He is so lucky to be a boy."
"Elizabeth is a woman, because Heavenly Father made her to be a woman. She was a little girl like Elanor, and now that she's grown up, she gets to be a mommy. She even has a baby in her belly! She's so lucky that she is a woman."

I know there's a lot of controversy about gender right now, and there is always controversy about sex and religion.
So doubtless many people will disagree with what I told my boys, with how we approach understanding bodies, with our opinions on the importance of gender.

But I think it's okay to believe that your body is special. That differences are important. That you were fearfully and wonderfully made with a purpose in mind.
I don't believe that one gender is better than another, but I do think that women can (and should!) be grateful and happy to be women and that men can (and should!) be happy to be men.
I don't think that I am a woman because a jumble of genes and chromosomes randomly determined it as though it were the lottery, and likewise- I don't think I can just decide to be a man instead. I was and am meant to be a woman and a mother.

I want my sons (and daughters if I ever am lucky enough to have them) to love and appreciate their bodies and the bodies of the people around them.
I want them to know that they are strong, beautiful, and can do and be anything- regardless of their gender, but to also appreciate the differences and opportunities unique to them because they are boys or girls.

I bet you didn't know that's where this post was headed when you started reading all that vagina stuff at the top.
Well, I didn't know that's where it was headed when I began writing! It was almost as surprising as having a three year old burst into the bathroom while you're peeing and shout, "Let me see your pee come out!"

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Monday, October 27, 2014

Photo a Day: October 19- 25

You guys, I love fall. I love it.

Sunday: Micah Pitcher, knee-high by the fourth of July, and taller than my waist by mid-October.

Monday: Slamming bananas (into his own face) and sporting a scratch that he probably gave himself. // Tueday: Breaking our no-screens rule to learn about the extremely important Great Pumpkin

 Wednesday: Oh hey. I got a Stich Fix box, so I did some modeling for my husband. Here is one of the few that doesn't look totally awkward. // Thursday: Six months! Six months!

 Friday: A fall walk through the cemetery.

Saturday: Grey got a light-up sword on our "date" and Travis had fun letting the boys go crazy with it in front of the camera.

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Friday, October 24, 2014

Six Months!

Our perfect little brother is 6 months old! 
On pretty much a daily basis, someone says to me, "Oh! He is the best/happiest/nicest baby!"
And that is because it is true.
He doesn't cry, he rarely fusses. He isn't afraid of strangers. He falls asleep anywhere and in anyone's arms. He's just happy and smiley and pleasant. It is extremely easy to get him to smile, laugh, or (my favorite) scream with hysterical joy.

He gets shots, he barely whimpers. His brother punches him in the chest (playfully?) and he laughs in delight. He lies in his bed and puts himself to sleep. He wakes up in the night and starts cooing, talking, and giggling to himself. He takes long naps. He snuggles. He is basically perfect, and I don't think I'm biased for saying so. I cannot believe how good he is.

At six months old, August has rolled over a handful of times, but still only seems to do it accidentally. Instead, he is trying diligently to learn to crawl! When he is on his stomach, he pushes himself up as high as he can, and wiggles his knees like he's trying to get them under him- but he hasn't managed it yet. Instead, he just turns in a circle. From sitting, he will put his hands down on floor and lean forward, like he's going to lunge (and sometimes he does lunge, but it's always a face plant.)  That being said, it doesn't matter how far away I place things from him, if he wants them - he'll get them. I'm not even sure how.

He is especially interested in mobile devices and food.
He wants cell phones and iPads so badly. If he manages to get his hands on one and you take it away, he will actually shriek and cry! (Something he pretty much never does, unless he's hurt.) When he gets a phone, he starts panting in delight like a little puppy.

 He is also really, really into food. If it's in a bowl, if we are eating it, if he sees utensils - get that into his mouth! He wants to chew on everything, and isn't interested in being fed. He wants to feed himself. August can devour an entire banana (by which, of course, I mean: he can smush an entire banana into his own face and manage to swallow about half of it), if handed a banana. If you try to spoon-feed him a banana, he is much less interested, but will still get through 1/3-1/2 of one in one sitting.
He is extremely interested in drinking from cups and water bottles, and if someone is drinking in his vicinity, he pants and waves his hands around and follows your motions like a cat watching a canary until you let him slobber and spit into your water. (At which point in time, he will assume that your water is now his, and never let you take it away.)

He is still ridiculously obsessed with his brothers, and doesn't care that they literally punch him as a game. They pile on top of him, they knock him over when he's sitting up, they pull on his legs when he's in the high chair. And he loves it. He doesn't mind the physical abuse, but he does occasionally get frightened by the constant screaming into his face, and then he'll start to whimper pathetically. It's very sad.

He still wants to nurse every 3-4 hours all day and all night. Bleh! But I find I don't mind waking up to him that much, since he wakes up talking. If I ignore him, he'll lie and talk for over an hour, sometimes longer! So I usually just nurse him so he'll be quiet and I can go back to sleep!
We love this little boy. Like, so, so much.

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Thursday, October 23, 2014

Conversations with Three-Year Olds

Today is my sister Mary's birthday. She is some age.
I'm not sure, because I am a good sister. I believe that she is 23.
Happy Birthday, Aunt Moony. Everybody here misses your face, even when it looks at us angrily.

*     *     *

Grey: Dad! I do not care about Micah.
Travis: Grey, we are a family. We always care about each other and we love each other. It's okay to be mad at Micah, but we always care about each other.
Grey: Well, I don't care about that stuff either.
Travis: Maybe you just need some quiet, personal time. Let's all leave Grey alone.
Micah: But, Dad! I'm back here with him!
Grey: Just ignore me!
Micah: I don't want to! I love you!

Micah: I won't use my gun in the car or in the house. I won't use it in any sides.

Micah: I don't have to listen to you. You're not my real mother! You're only pretend!

Micah (sitting in a pile of pillows): Ah. Here I am in my beautiful cave.

Me (describing Lehi's dream): He wanted to eat some of the fruit-
Grey: So he would turn into a bear?
Me: No. You know, there aren't a lot of human to animal transformations in our religion.
Grey: Yeah. I want to turn into a bear someday.

Grey (to August): Expelliarmus, August. That is a spell. It means, drop your toys, little boy.

Grey: Ug! It smells like baby August in here.

Micah: Look! There are some missionaries.
Me: I don't think those are missionaries. They're not dressed like missionaries.
Micah: They're in people costumes.

**Driving by a billboard for a Haunted House, which features two evil looking clowns.**
Micah: Mom! I saw two jokers!
Me: Oh, yeah. I saw them too. But they're not real.
Micah: I think they are. I think they killed a man.
Me: No! They're only pretend.
Micah: Then they killed a pretend man!

Me: You guys cannot run out Into the street!
Grey: It's okay. I'm brave.
Me: It doesn't matter. Running into the street isn't brave, it's foolish. You will get hit by a car and die.
Micah: It's OKAY, Mom. I can stop cars. With my mind.

Grey: I can read thoughts like Wonder Woman.
Me: Oh really? Read my thoughts now. What am I thinking?
Grey: Um. Pizza?
Me: How did you know?!
Grey: Your brain.

Grey: Mom, I see something out my window! I see them! Them are all houses!

Grey: Oww! Owie! Owie, Owwwww!
Me: Hey, what's wrong?
Grey: The Holy Ghost is punching me!

Micah: I love you now.
Me: Oh, thank you. I love you too.
Micah: Not you. I'm talking to the Micah boy in the mirror.
Me: Oh boy.
Micah: Bye, my friend.
Me: Bye.
Micah: Not you.

Micah: You be a person and I'll be a guy.
Travis: Alright.
Micah: Fine. You're not being a person. You be the guy and I'll be the person!

**Watching movie credits**
Micah: An M and an O!
Grey: I see a T and a G! Suh-suh! S!
Micah: Fuh-Fuh! Z!

Grey: What is that?
Katie: This is something girls wear.
Grey: It's a bra. But I thought you didn't have any breasts.

Grey: Look at this picture! It's us as babies! But now we are grown ups and baby August is a baby!

Micah: I am really into superheroes.

Grey: Truly, Daddy. I am starving!

Micah: Here are some dead guys. Dead BAD guys. Batman made them dead for you, so you can eat them.
Me: Wait. What? Who eats dead bad guys? I thought Grey was a puppy. Puppy don't eat dead people.
Micah: I know. Becky eats bad, dead people that Batman brings her.

Micah: Oh! Are we going into Ikea, my darling?

Grey: No, Treebeard! Let us go! We are HOBBITS!

Siri: I'm sorry, Travis. I didn't catch that.
Grey: I am NOT Travis! Don't ever say that again!
Siri: I don't know what you're saying.
Siri: I'm sorry, Travis. I didn't catch that.
Grey: ARGH! I am not Travis!

Micah: Hey, you baby. Stop smiling at me, August!

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Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Family Pictures! Alpine Loop (Part 2)

Fall! Fall! Fall! 
You probably all know by now that I am totally pretentious, so when I see people quote things like, "I'm so glad I live in a world where there are Octobers" everywhere (Instagram captions, Pinterest prints, fall-craft-decor) I get weirdly defensive. I feel like that particular quote maybe belongs to me. (I know man. It's irrational.)
First I think, "You probably don't even know anything about Anne Shirley," and I revel in my sure knowledge that no one loves Anne like I do. (How could they?) 
Then, I think "You probably don't even like fall as much as I do." Because how could anyone love fall as much as I do? When I sit down to the very important task of ranking months by how much I love them (A task I take to pretty regularly, because I know how to use my time in a valuable way,) October is always, always firmly at the top. (Followed closely by April and December. And then November. And then June. Okay. You get it.)
(February, obviously, is dead last.)
Sorry. Moving on. 

Anyway. The gist of this psychotic rant is this:
I am so glad that I live in a world where there are Octobers. 
Because October is that month when, no matter what, everything looks like this: 

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Tuesday, October 21, 2014


There. I've gotten most of my need for CAPITAL LETTERS out of the way.
You may proceed without fear.

Here is a story:
Travis and I went into the mountains with our family. We were not at a campsite, we were not on a trail.
We just pulled over by the side of the road and had a picnic in a clearing. There was a fire pit there.
When it was time to leave, I realized that I'd misplaced my phone and we spent an hour looking for it.
Then the boys and I went home and Travis spent another hour and a half combing through the underbrush and dead leaves looking for my phone.
But it was a goner.

Over the next week, we tried to decide rationally what to do.
We couldn't really afford to get me a new smart phone- and yet, without a smart phone- I would undoubtedly spend all of my time driving in confused circles shouting things into the air like, "Siri! Is there a Target near me?" only to be ignored by my dumb phone.
(To be clear, Siri does not help me. 99% of the time, she says "I'm really sorry about this, but I can't take any requests right now."
And 1% of the time, she says, "I don't know your mother's name." And I say, "Mom cell! Call Mom cell!" And she says, "Should I remember that Jonathon Call is your mother?" Siri and I have actually had that exact conversation At. Least. Three. Times. What's the definition of insanity, again?)
I kept saying, "I really need to get a new phone," and Travis kept saying "We really need to figure out the phone."
And we both kept putting it off and feeling like something would "turn up."

And then. Something turned up.
Over a week went by, and I was sitting in my bed, nursing my baby. Travis' phone was on the table next to me, and I glanced over at it just as the screen lit up with my face and the word BECKY.
Becky was calling.

I snatched the phone up, feeling slightly hysterical and highly disbelieving.
"Hi. Um. So I was in the mountains..."
"Yeah, yeah. I have your phone."
Turns out, someone else had stopped in the same place as us and pulled out a metal detector. Three minutes later, they had found my phone- perfectly intact, hiding under a pile of leaves.
They brought it home and knocked on neighbors' doors until they found someone with an iPhone charger (Can you even believe the dedication to doing-good here?!)
They charged it up and called "Mom Cell."
"Hey, we found a phone, you're listed as Mom. Know anyone missing a phone?" they asked.
And my dumb mom said.... NO.
"You don't know anyone missing an iPhone?"
And then the lights clicked on. "Wait. Did you find it in the mountains in Utah?!"

I got a lot of comments on Instagram saying things like, "What an amazingly good person!" or "My faith in humanity is restored!"
But truth is, I'm impressed, delighted, and happy that someone returned my phone. But I'm not surprised. I still have a lot of faith in humanity.
I lose my phone about once a year. And once a year, someone calls Mom Cell and says, "I have your kid's phone."
I've had multiple iPod's (when they were still a thing) turned into Lost and Found boxes, I've had my purse returned to me intact.
I am a loser of all things, and a receiver of all things.
To me, the amazing, mind-blowing, insane detail of this story is that MY PHONE WAS FOUND INTACT IN THE MOUNTAINS. In the middle of nowhere. That somehow, a man with a metal detector decided to stop for a little treasure hunt in the same random place that we stopped for a picnic.

I know that it was kind, amazing, honest, and GOOD of someone to give my phone back. But was it unbelievably good? I think that most people are good. Most people want to do the right thing. I think most of the people who read this would return a phone if they found it. Right?Give yourself some credit, and give the people around you the benefit of the doubt.

Because I bet, if someone found your phone in the mountains, you'd somehow end up with it again.
Either that, or I am just extremely lucky.

1. My mom isn't dumb. I'm sorry I said that. I just can't get over her saying that she doesn't know anyone missing a phone when we usually talk on the phone together for an hour plus a day. 
2. I know! I am extremely lucky either way, right?

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Monday, October 20, 2014

Photo a Day: October 5-18

I'm not labeling these pictures with dates that are probably false.
So. I made some resolutions for myself. The first is to take more pictures. The second is to take less pictures.
Somedays, I cart my camera around with me all day trying to snap just one good shot from the whole day. And I'm annoyed when all I have are thirty dark, out-of-focus pictures.
Somedays, I have my camera with me and snap one good picture and think "Okay, I don't have to take anymore today. I got my one for photo-a-day. " When in fact, I would have enjoyed taking and having more pictures from that particular day or event.
I love my photo-a-day pictures and I have loved doing it for the last two years. I've learned a ton about photography and my life and have hundreds of photos because of it, but lately it's become a chore. So I'm trying to turn it back into a joy.
So here are some pictures from my last two weeks. There's about one for every day.
But not exactly.
 Micah is obsessed OBSESSED with Batman. He wears this costume almost all day, every day. // Grey driving with Grandpa. Grandpa actually lets them steer. (Be still my heart.)

 In China Town in San Francisco. // August and Daddy. I love this little boy and his concerned little eyebrows.

 My three boys. I tried so hard to get a good shot of all of them, I don't even mind that it's blurry. // Travis and me on our anniversary.  He looks silly, but it's hard to hold up a 10 pound camera and take a selfie. It's no iphone!
 Our family.
 My handsome Grey. // Family night fall artwork. Travis had to show us up and make something amazing because he's sooo great. 

 First we gathered leaves, then I channeled my great-grandmother and dipped them in wax. Once in wax, they keep their colors for weeks! I just picked up "canning parafin" in the baking section at the grocery store and melted it in a double boiler. They were really easy to make and super fun. Now they're hanging up in my house.

 My happy littlest brother. // Travis on a motorcycle that I don't totally hate.

And a little boy on a little pony.

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Friday, October 17, 2014

Alpine Loop (Part 1)

Like all good Autumn-loving Utahans, we recently did the drive through the Alpine Loop in the mountains. It is essentially a windy road through canyons and up peaks covered, covered, covered in the most breathtaking fall colors. 
I have often told Travis that Utah isn't very good at fall. In the valleys, the leaves often shrivel up and die before ever changing color. Actually, there aren't that many leaves here to begin with (at least compared to my lush forest home.)
But the mountains! Ain't nobody got nothing on Utah's mountains in the fall. Driving and hiking through them makes you want to sing opera and hymns and take one million and seven pictures. 
We went with my in-laws, and they were kind enough to drive their car packed with our kids, so Travis and I could take the motorcycle up canyon together. It was phenomenal and beautiful and I really did take about one million and seven pictures. In fact, we managed to get some gorgeous family pictures that I am really excited about. My mother-in-law rocked the camera and all my kids magically smiled at the camera (at the same time!) for the first time in history. So here is part one of the photos. The photos of our family that aren't "Family Photos."  You know. 

"Oh, Lord my God, When I in awesome wonder consider all the worlds thy hands have made...
Then sings my soul, my savior God to thee, How great Thou art! How great Thou art!" 

My mother-in-law is the baby whisperer. She has bounced my kids to sleep more often and always more successfully than anyone else.

You guys. I love fall. I love it. October is the best month of the year.Hope you aren't sick of these autumnesque photos yet, because they're not about to stop.

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