Monday, July 28, 2014

Photo a Day: July 20 -26

This week has been lovely! It's actually been unbearably hot most days, but because of the heat in the valley- we've been taking to the mountains. Nothing cools you down like a motorcycle ride through slightly chilly canyons, or a hike around a mountain lake- and it certainly makes me appreciate the beauty of Utah more than just living in a city oven.
I'm also feeling a lot more affectionate towards my children that of late - since we've stopped watching tv or playing with any "devices" during the week and it's making a world of difference in my children's attitudes and actions. Hurray!
It's hard for me, since sometimes I just want them to sit still for 10 minutes while I make dinner or nurse the baby, and I no longer have the ease of handing them the iPad to watch an episode of Clifford- but it's been worth it! Our home has been much happier the last week and a half since we began this.

 Sunday: Just holstering all his weapons. // Monday: In the woods with Boy.

 Tuesday: Picking flowers for their Mama.

 Wednesday: I love that impish little smile.

Thursday:  Sparklers for Pioneer Day // Friday: Thumbs up, and a wink for good measure.

Saturday: Our little family on a little hike. Oh, my handsome boys!

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Friday, July 25, 2014

Conversations with Three-Year Olds

Me: Please put this shirt on.
Micah: No. I want this one. This one is AWESOME.

Micah: Look, there's my mom! No. Hers not my mom, YOU'RE my mom.

Me (singing): It's been a hard days night, and I've been working like a dog!
Micah: NO! You don't work on a dock.
Me: It's been a hard days night, I should be sleeping like a log.
Micah: My Dad DOES sleep like a dog, he does!

Micah: Please don't yell at me. I have a fever.
Grey: Please don't yell at me. I have a fever.
Micah: I have a fever, too.
Grey: I have a fever, too.
Micah: I do, too.
Grey: I do, too.
Micah: I do, too.
Grey: I do. Yes.

Grey: Hey, Lauren do you choose yeah or no?
Lauren: Yeah.
Lauren: I choose Yeah!
Grey: I choose NO! What do you choose, Mom?
Me: I choose Yeah!
Micah: I choose NO, too!
Grey: I choose NO! Say, "I choose yeah!"
Me: I choose yeah!

Me: Did you like Uncle Matt's wedding?
Grey: Yeah... Are we married now?
Me: Who? Are you married to me?
Grey: Yeah.
Me: No. Matt and Sue are married now.  I'm married to your Daddy.
Grey: Okay. I'll get married someday, though.

Grey: I think the vacuum belt is broken.
Micah: I don't know what that means.
Grey: It means, something inside the vacuum machine stopped working.

Grey: I have a freckle on my penis. See?
Micah: Oh look! A little tiny one! I have a big freckle on MY penis.

Travis: Watch my butt.
Me: No prob, I love that butt.
Grey: No, you don't. He'll poop on you!

Micah: Mom, I love Grey!
Grey: And I love Micah, Mom! Muwah!
Me: I love to hear you say that.
Grey: And I love you, Mom!
Me: I love you, too, honey!
Micah: And I love you and August!
Me: I love you and August, too! And I love your daddy.
Grey: Oh, I love my daddy SO MUCH, Mom!
Me: Wonderful!
Grey: Why you say, "Wonderful," Mom? Why? It's wonderful that we all love each others?

Micah: I love Daddy Long Legs!
Grey: I love Daddy Long Faces! The spider kind of faces!

Grey: Look at me!
Me: I can't while I'm driving, or I could crash.
Grey: And our car could be broke, and someone would have to fix it again.
Me: Or we could get hurt or die.
Grey: and Jesus would have to make us again.

Grey: Jesus can help us if that happens.
Me: If what happens?
Grey: If a big bus falls on us or something.

Grey: My belly hurts!
Me: It's because all you've eaten is s'mores. You need some real food.
Grey: No. It hurts because I need to poop.
Micah: Well, MY belly hurts because you're driving like a crazy person.

Grey: My dad is the BEST!
Micah: I'm the big, big, big best!

Micah: My mom can't handle this, Grey.
Grey: She CAN handle it! She's a grown up!

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Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Three Months

This happy boy is three month old! It's strange to think that a year old, I wasn't even pregnant yet.
August likes tummy time, if you keep your face down next to him, so he can see you. He holds his head up high, so he look around. He prefers lying on his back, though- and dislikes being reclined in someone's lap! He's always trying to pull himself forward to sitting.
He wants to sit up by himself so badly, and gets frustrated that I try to lean him against things.
He also loves to stand up, and locks his little knees so he can stand up on our laps and smile around.
He talks and smiles constantly- and even laughs with gasping little squeals. It's hard to get him to laugh like that, though! He isn't very ticklish yet, but occasionally I can get a laugh out of him that way. His favorite game though is patty-cake. He laughs and squeals, coos and talks. He is constantly making the sounds, "Hiiii!" "Hey!" so it really sounds like he's trying to say something!
When he is sad, he likes when I sing or whistle and calms down.
He still never, ever cries unless he's hurt. The worst is when he has a painful burp he can't get out. He sticks his little bottom lip put in the saddest, cutest pout and cries. He grunts so often that people constantly ask, "Are you working on getting something out?" but he's usually not. He's just grunty. He doesn't ever cry when he wakes up, just whimpers a little for a few minutes- and then puts himself right back to sleep. Because of that, he's been sleeping about 8 hours in a row at night, sometimes going 10 hours between meals!
He sucks on his hands and fingers constantly, with the funniest little slurping noises. You can hear him sucking away at his fingers from other rooms! And he likes to hold fistfuls of fabric, be it his blanket, burpcloth or the clothes of the people holding him.
We love this calm, happy little boy.  He's the best, nicest boy ever.

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Tuesday, July 22, 2014

A Serious Overload of Photos from the Land o' Lakes {Part 2}

(Micah typed that. He likes to write on the blog.)

Well, it's been over a week since we arrived back home, and probably time for me to stop day dreaming about lakes and get back to my desert reality. I think my little family might have to take a hike in the mountains this weekend, so I can remember to appreciate Utah again. But until then, here are a few SO MANY more pictures from Minnesota. Because our trip was dreamy and perfect and my family is my favorite family. So this is part two. Part one (if you recall) was my Dad's side of the family and wedding festivities. 
Part two is our week at the lake house "up north." It was chillier than usual for mid-July, but it was still perfect. In fact, the excess of clouds lent to extra-beautiful photos, so I can't complain. 
Hold on to your hats, people. Here's a lot of lakeside:

Jet skiing with Micah boy. He liked to "go faster," but Grey liked it a little calmer.

My handsome brother Jack.

Jack and me behind the boat. Since it was actually a pontoon loaded down with people, we didn't go very fast. Which gave us ample time to talk about girls and stuff. 

Micah kept requesting that I take pictures of him with his Grandma Polly (my Mom.)

Beach side. Sandy toes. All perfect.

Fishing off the dock.

Grandma caught a frog! It actually escaped from my hands at one point and hopped right on top of Grey's head! I'm sad we don't have a picture of that. 

Just stop.

To my great delight, Travis and Micah (and Grey to a lesser extent) really found a love of fishing off the dock on this trip.
Fishing off the dock is perfect for kids, because all you have to do is cast out, reel it in, and there's almost always a little fishy hanging off your hook. So you take him off, throw him back, and do it again.

Micah shoved his entire sandwich in his mouth before climbing on the tube, and the slow pace was just right for three year olds. They even asked to go faster!

Micah and his Great-Grandpa and Grey and August with their Great-Great Grandpa! Five generations apart!

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Monday, July 21, 2014

Photo a Day: July 13 - 19

Pictures from the week. They're not as lovely or exciting as pictures from Minnesota- but they're life. Back to normal. 
Le sigh. 

Sunday: When we forgo naps, everyone falls asleep on the floor.

Monday: Cracking open apricot pits. // Tuesday: August and Aunt Lauren

 Wednesday: In the summer, we eat popsicles all day and ice cream all evening. // Thursday: Chalk Face.

szxszzx Friday: Brothers. // Saturday: Picking apricots.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            zxcvbmm                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            ce

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